Atomic Lights by Kurt Versen

Attack of the kitchen lights with Saturn rings! What a massive forearm workout these Kurt Versen atomic lights turned out to be. I first discovered the design at a shop downtown, but for like $350 a fixture. The industrial nature of the lamps got me thinking that they were mass produced at one time, and therefore available for less money somewhere else. A quick search of “vintage modern lighting” on ebay, and I found a seller with 50 of the exact same fixtures for sale @ $125 a piece. The internet wins again.

Unfortunately, i wasn’t that easy. They came out of a school in New Jersey, and were sprayed some horrible off white color; some where in between shades of smoke stain and piss wash. Many times did I curse the painter’s name while sanding these babies down to the naked steel. Hours. Days. Weeks. It was a long time getting all that paint off. Worth the savings? The kitchen does look dope. The frosted bulbs project light up instead of down.