The dustbin at one of the local record shops was full of hits that one particularly cold, mid-week afternoon. How could you say “no” a lineup that includes Naughty By Nature, EPMD, Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Too Short, Cypress Hill and Salt-n-Pepa? In their prime, and only $5! A supreme Hip Hip album that went Gold in less than 3 month after it was released.

The movie is remarkable in that it was Tupac Shakur’s acting debut. Tried to watch it once; didn’t get very far.

Juice Motion Picture Soundtrack Album Cover

Track List:

Tack – Terreke
(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano – Sampha
Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away – Gene Williams
Sunset Dub – Grace Jones
Shoal Beat – Porter Ricks
Last Yearn – KLLO
Lithium (acoustic radio solo) – Nirvana
Electro Kardiogramm – Kraftwerk
Villajoyosa – Prins Thomas
Disco Dancer – Kiki Gyan
In You (I Found Love)- Charles Bradley
Reverence – Lapalux
She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
Wire – Jon Hopkins
You Ain’t Goin Nowhere – Here Lies Man
Boneyard – Fink
Depak/INE – Jon Talabot
Alfonso Muskedunder – Todd Terje
Swing Star – Todd Terje

Track list:

La Lucertola – Fabio Frizzi
Luca Il Contrabbandiere – Lucio Fulci
Constant Beating – Aria Prayogi
Roma A Mano Armata – Franco Micalizzi
Hell Flames – Fabio Frizzi
Seq 1 – Franco Micalizzi
Toward Dawn – Fabio Frizzi
Fuga Nei Sotterranei – Alessandro Alessandroni
Theme From The Fog – John Carpenter
Philadelphia – Allessando Alessandri
Sentionauts II – Sinoia Caves
Rex Colt – Power Glove
Elena’s Sound World – Sinoia Caves
Bo & Wing – Maya Jane Coles
Half Life – Zola Jesus
Delta – Mount Kimbie
Paraguaya – Juana Molina
Vain Cloak – Kai Whiston
Bela Legosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
Loud Challenge – Hype Williams
Syrthio – Com Truise
Drifter – Hippie Sabotage

Another strong album from British electronic musician Chris Clark; his eighth studio release since his musical debut in 2001. Death Peak is just under 45 minutes of varied techno styles mixed with wonderfully progressive ambient compositions. Glittering melodies on tracks like “Living Fantasy” and “Peak Magnetic”, alongside the washed out vocal elements of “Catastrophe Anthem” give the album a less foreboding feel than some of Clark’s previous works.

Release Date: 4/7/2017
on Warp Records

wish-you-were-here-symphonic-albumThis one came into the station a few months back and grabbed my attention immediately. Anything remotely connected to Pink Floyd is worth a listen in my opinion. About twenty years ago a record called Us and Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd which is an amazing interpretation of legendary, mind bending Pink Floyd, so that sparked high expectations here. This particular release celebrates the 40th anniversary of the original 1975 Wish You Were Here. While the majority of this album is indeed orchestral, there are vocals. Alice Cooper lends himself to the title track, and “Welcome to the Machine” also features vocals. These tracks feel out of place, and upset the delicate balance of honoring a classic. Nevertheless, the pure symphonic compositions are excellent.

Notes from the back jacket.

“I started Chinoiseries in August 2006, when I got back from a trip to Viet Nam, the land of my grandparents. As a vinyl junky, I really couldn’t come back to France without bringing back some wax. After hours spent riding on a motorbike in Saigon streets, a taxi finally helped me find some old Asian records. I was feeling like an explorer discovering a forgotten treasure. I bought almost 30 vinyls, most of them in poor condition, went back to the crib, and started making beats with some material that I wasn’t used to.”

Five well known tracks

Remixed with pulse-pounding amplified authority. Whether hoofing it through the the elements or being wedged between two semi-trailers on the southbound turnpike, this will get you there.

Three years after DJ Krush released this magnificent self-megamix on Mo’ Wax Records, IBM put forth the intelligently designed Thinkpad X20.

It featured an Intel Pentium III 600 mhz processor with 128mb RAM, and a price tag of $2500. In 2003, a young man living in his Aunt’s garage bought one used for $600. It came pre-formatted with Windows 2000, and crashed after running the first “critical” security update. A friend told him it was like trying to remove the engine from a car while it was still running. For months, he would use this device scour the dark corners of cyber space in search of this glorious album, free of charge. He never did find it, until one day it appeared in the used bin of a basement record store. Score.