A Do it Yourself Pipe Book Shelf
There are a few of these floating around out there, but I first got the idea for a bookshelf made of pipes from a friend and fellow Renaissance Man. Rather than matching items from IKEA, or spending a lot of money for quality woodwork, he gave me the idea to use steel pipe and pine for creating a whole wall book shelf. This was to replace a multi section home entertainment center, grossly over engineered with screws, pegs, hinges and particle board. It was purposefully left behind by the previous home owners. I smashed it to a thousand pieces with a ball-pine hammer. It was easier to move that way.

A few Bing searches later (yeah, I said it..) and I had a pretty good idea of what to do next. Measure! Twice! Then? McLowes… And I was ready to spend a few hundred bucks. Several pieces of pipe needed to be hand cut and threaded, so I made sure to be one of the first people in the store that fateful Sunday morning. Not two minutes in the plumbing section, and an associate by the name of JV peaked around the aisle to assist.

“Morning. I was wondering if you could cut some pipe for me. Kind of a lot, actually…”

I handed him a list of way more shit than I really needed.

“That’s no problem. We love cutting pipe.”

After showing him a picture of a diy pipe shelf, it was clear that i had found one of the best Lowes employees in the world. For nearly two hours, I hung out with this dude while he painstakingly perfected every cut. And it was free. I would be damned for sure if the project failed. So you can imagine the hard truth it was, returning home to find that the measurements were fucked.

Not to be deterred, the shelf was completed one week later after much painting and hole drilling. Put together solo, it was assembled on the living room floor, then tipped up into place against the wall before being secured with some reclaimed hardware. There was no need to attach the shelf to the floor, as the weight of the unit itself proved enough of a stabilizer.

Attack of the kitchen lights with Saturn rings! What a massive forearm workout these Kurt Versen atomic lights turned out to be. I first discovered the design at a shop downtown, but for like $350 a fixture. The industrial nature of the lamps got me thinking that they were mass produced at one time, and therefore available for less money somewhere else. A quick search of “vintage modern lighting” on ebay, and I found a seller with 50 of the exact same fixtures for sale @ $125 a piece. The internet wins again.

Unfortunately, i wasn’t that easy. They came out of a school in New Jersey, and were sprayed some horrible off white color; some where in between shades of smoke stain and piss wash. Many times did I curse the painter’s name while sanding these babies down to the naked steel. Hours. Days. Weeks. It was a long time getting all that paint off. Worth the savings? The kitchen does look dope. The frosted bulbs project light up instead of down.